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Empowering Companies, Businesses & Entrepreneurs by connecting them with our community of Investors


How we help you get it across the line.

There is a lot to consider, many involvements & a plethora of hurdles to overcome when trying to raise funds, and with 90% of new startups failing before they even begin, there is no wonder entrepreneurs find it difficult to succeed. Flint is here to guide you through these obstacles as their team has been through it. 

It's normally not a case of a startups never being feasible, but simply minimal planning and poor execution from the beginning. Flint assists in decreasing this percentage of failure dramatically by implementing some key procedures before approaching investors.

Be pitch ready

Flint prepares you to be pitch ready through its range of tailored services and guides you through the whole investment process.

  • Company Setup for scalability & future rounds 

  • Information Memorandums 

  • Pitch Documents

  • Non-disclosure Agreements 

  • Budget & Forecasts 

  • Shareholder Agreements 

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Connecting Investors

Flint sources investors from our extensive database who want to be a part of startups or companies taking the next step. 


Investors will be given access to a diversified group of companies that have proven the viability of their ventures, undergone a feasibility study, obtain a business plan and are scalable given the right growth opportunities.

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