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Focussed on building a diversified portfolio of profitable companies and startups, to either invest in, partner with or provide connections to take them from incubator through to exit.


Flint will provide business administration support where required to enable new ventures to work with a team of experts, be competitive in attracting investment and provide networking opportunities to accelerate growth.  

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Assists and guides Innovators and Entrepreneurs through a lean startup stage in a step by step process that takes the most direct route possible. We focus on the things that are most important & cost effective for the the project to build the vision from the ground up, making it enticing for the right investors to jump on board.

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Will assist in sourcing investors who want to be a part of companies taking the next step and startups seeking funding. Investors will be given access to a diversified group of companies that have proven the viability of their ventures, undergone a feasibility study, obtain a business plan and are scalable given the right growth opportunities.

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